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What is Vote with Your Mission?

Vote with Your Mission is CalNonprofits' campaign to have 100% of eligible staff, board members and volunteers vote, based on the core belief that nonprofit votes count. In fact, Nonprofit Votes Count is the name of a new national campaign modeled after Vote with Your Mission! We invite California’s nonprofit community to join the campaign.

Why our vote matters

  • We are a powerful voting bloc. California’s nonprofit sector is the state’s fourth largest industry, supporting nearly 1.7 million employees and contributing 15% of the Gross State Product.
  • The nonprofit community is the original ‘disruptor.’ We have always been a community of activists, changing our world for the better, one community or cause at a time.

Why sign on?

  • Because you are an agent of change. We join nonprofits to change our communities for the better. What if every one of us went to the polls and voted on Election Day with those beliefs, values and ideals in mind?
  • Because our community should be heard. Working together we can raise the collective voice of the nonprofit community and our constituents.
  • It’s simple! Click the button below to join us.

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