vwym-button-photo-180pxNonprofit votes count. When nonprofits use our voting power, we advance our causes, make our voices heard and change the world for the better. Join our Vote With Your Mission campaign!

Vote with Your Mission is CalNonprofits' campaign to have 100% of eligible nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers vote. We call on nonprofits in California to sign on to Vote with Your Mission!


Why sign on?

  • To increase the number of people voting with the ideals and values that bring them into the nonprofit sector
  • To increase voting by staff, volunteers, board members and constituents of nonprofits
  • To raise the issue of staff/volunteer/constituent voter encouragement to nonprofit organizations and institutions of every size and from every community
  • To re-frame nonprofit staff as a significant segment of the voting public
  • To provide a vehicle for nonprofit leaders to take the issue of voter encouragement and education to boards, management teams, coalitions, and donors
  • To inspire others to take up similar activities

Click to sign on to Vote with Your Mission

What does it mean to sign on?

Individuals agree to:

  • Vote in every election for which they are eligible to vote
  • Wear the sticker I work for a nonprofit and I Vote (for those who work for nonprofit organizations) or I volunteer for a nonprofit and I vote before and on election day
  • Display other related related collateral to encourage voting
  • Encourage others in their network to sign on to the Vote with Your Mission campaign

Organizations agree to:

  • Display the Vote with Your Mission poster at their site and the Vote with Your Mission logo on their website (download campaign materials)
  • Encourage staff board, volunteers, clients and constituents to sign on to Vote with Your Mission as individuals
  • Encourage everyone in the organization and their network to vote on election days

Co-sponsors agree to:

  • All organization agreements above, and:
  • Include Vote with Your Mission information and links in electronic communications
  • Send at least two dedicated emails about Vote with Your Mission to their members/network lists

Encourage other California nonprofits to
sign on to Vote with Your Mission!

Vote with Your Mission is a grassroots campaign to highlight the power of the nonprofit community.  Ask other nonprofits in your area to join you in participating.

  • Send an email to your network and include a blurb in your next newsletter.
  • Add the Vote with Your Mission logo to your organization's website home page with a link to www.votewithyourmission.org. Download the logo here.
  • Like us on Facebook and share why your organization has signed on to the campaign.
  • Tweet why Vote with Your Mission is important and follow us on Twitter (@VWYMCampaign).


The following resource partners provide nonpartisan voter registration, engagement and education materials offered to nonprofits participating in Vote with Your Mission. 
partnerlogo-LWV partnerlogo-NPVote

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