In June, we warned you about AB 1250, a bill that would undermine the ability of nonprofits to provide critical services to our communities. Our efforts to negotiate a nonprofit exemption to the bill were rebuffed, and we are now asking you to help stop this bill by signing on to our letter opposing it. Click here to see the text of the opposition letter. Click here to sign on by August 18th.

Assembly Bill 1250 would require counties to conduct time-consuming, onerous processes in order to contract with nonprofits for vital services such as health care, senior nutrition, job training, legal aid, domestic violence services, substance abuse, animal welfare, affordable housing, and more. AB 1250 also requires nonprofits to reimburse counties for the costs of extensive new audits and to disclose the salaries and other personal information of all their employees.

AB 1250 could not have been introduced at a worse time. Communities are particularly fearful right now and people are shying away from government offices. Without nonprofit providers, crucial services are at risk.  

As a result we are urging our state elected officials to vote no on AB 1250 unless it is amended to exempt all nonprofits.

AB 1250 has already passed in the Assembly and will be considered in the Senate Appropriations Committee after the recess ends on August 21st. It if passes in there it will quickly go to a vote on the Senate floor, to be voted on by all Senators. 

In opposition to AB 1250 we are in alliance with the California Association of Food BanksCalifornia Partnership to End Domestic ViolenceJewish Family Services of San DiegoUnited Ways of California, and many other nonprofits. We are joined by county governments who are vocal in their opposition to this bill -- because they know they need nonprofits as partners.

We need to hear from you by Friday August 18th.  If you share our concerns and wish to add your organization's name, please go here to sign on and be a vocal part of the effort to stop AB 1250.

So far we've had more than 150 organizations sign on to the letter -- see the current version here. Once you complete the sign-on form, we'll add your organization's name and logo.

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