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Nonprofits can support or oppose ballot measures or provide neutral information on both sides of the issue as a nonpartisan voter education activity. Either way, ballot measures--as well as amendments and referendums--provide yet another nonpartisan opportunity to engage your audience, collaborate with partners, and build relationships--all while advancing your mission and goals.

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Nonprofits and Ballot Measures

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Webinars and Presentations

Webinars and Presentations

Taking a Stand: Ballot Measure Advocacy for Nonprofits

Many states put laws and constitutional amendments on the ballot, asking voters to make critical public policy decisions at the polls. Often, the outcome directly affects nonprofit organizations and our communities, so we have a vested interest in the results. Although nonprofits cannot endorse or oppose a candidate, they can take a stand on ballot measures, as it is considered lobbying rather than electioneering. Learn how your nonprofit can benefit from engaging the public around ballot measures, as well as how to advance your advocacy efforts through ballot measure activity.

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our upcoming events
CalNonprofits Annual Members Meeting (webinar)
CalNonprofits members will get a full report on our programs, accomplishments, and financials for the year.
July 18, at 12 PM
Learn more and RSVP here.
National Psoriasis Foundation regional conference
Jan Masaoka will keynote the conference on August 3, 2019
Nonprofit Advocacy Workshop 
Join us for a half day workshop on what nonprofits can - and should - do to advocate for their communities at the state level.
August 8, from 8:30 AM to 11 AM in San Bernardino
Learn more and register here.
Tax Seminar for Nonprofit and Exempt Organizations
Join us and the California Department of Taxes and Fees for a FREE half-day seminar on taxes and exemptions for nonprofits.
August 29, at 8:30 AM in Los Angeles
Learn more and register here.