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Jan Masaoka is the Chief Executive Officer of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits) a statewide policy alliance and the voice for California’s nonprofit community. CalNonprofits is an effective advocate in Sacramento, able to mobilize 10,000 members covering 57 of California’s 58 counties. Jan is also a nationally recognized writer, researcher and speaker, with a focus on nonprofit business planning, boards of directors, and the role of nonprofits in society.

Her books include Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability (Jossey-Bass,co-authored with Jeanne Bell and Steve Zimmerman), the Nonprofit’s Guide to HR (Nolo) the Best of the Board Cafe (Fieldstone) and All Hands on Board: The Board of Directors in All-Volunteer Organizations (Boardsource). Before CalNonprofits, for 14 years Jan was the executive director of CompassPoint, a nonprofit consulting/training firm, and she founded and wrote Blue Avocado magazine, growing it to 64,000 subscribers before leaving in late 2015.

Jan was named Nonprofit Executive of the Year by Nonprofit Times, and is an eight-time designee as one of the Fifty Most Influencial” people in the nonprofit sector nationwide. She has testified on nonprofit policy issues at the federal and state levels, and her articles have been published in Nonprofit Quarterly, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Sacramento Bee, and Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Jan’s volunteer work has included serving as board chair of the Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center, founding chair of Community Initiatives, and a member of the Policy Committee of the Independent Sector, the San Francisco Telecommunications Commission, and the San Francisco Complete Count Committee in 2010.

First volunteer experience: One of Jan’s first volunteer experiences was during high school, when she volunteered with the Japanese American Citizens League. She helped the organization develop their mailing list the old-fashioned way--by reading through phone books and writing down the Japanese names.

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Nancy Berlin is the Policy Director at the California Association of Nonprofits. Nancy directs policy initiatives that protect and promote California’s nonprofits. Her work includes developing and implementing campaigns that encourage advocacy and civic engagement among CalNonprofits more than 10,000 organizational members.

Nancy is the former director of California Partnership, was the project coordinator for the Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness, and worked for more than 15 years at various nonprofits addressing homeless in the LA area, including Alexandria House, where she also served on the board for 20 years.

Her recognitions include Outstanding Public Citizen of the Year Award from the California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and the Community Building and Justice Award from Alexandria House. She serves on the boards of the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment and the Arroyo Sustainable Economies Community Organization. She was the co-editor of How to Get Food and Money: The People's Guide to Welfare and Other Services from 1978 until 2010.

First volunteer experience: Nancy’s first volunteer experience was as a 12-year-old Girl Scout, where she volunteered at a nursing home. “I would read to the residents, help them write letters, and keep them company. I loved hearing stories from what the city used to be like, how they ended up settling here from places around the country and world, and it gave me an appreciation of what we can all learn from our elders."

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Craig Davini is the Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator for CalNonprofits. Craig provides behind the scenes support to the Executive Director and the CalNonprofits team. He comes to CalNonprofits with an extensive background as a business and operations manager. He is a Massachusetts native and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion from Massachusetts College of Art. After running his own menswear business, Craig transitioned his career to work for 9 years in computer operations for Elderhostel and more recently for nearly 5 years as Operations Manager for TransForm in Oakland. His career has developed in both the non-for-profit and for-profit sectors and he has gained experience in all areas of administration – including accounting, technology, human resources, facilities management, and project management. Those who work with Craig understand why he has earned the nickname “Radar” – for his strong work ethic, work output, and commitment to support his team.

Craig brings a strong interest in the social sector to CalNonprofits, particularly his interest in issues of an aging population and the welfare of at-risk seniors. He has resided in San Francisco with his husband, Ashley, since 2007.

First volunteer experience: Craig’s first volunteer experience was not so much a formal volunteer group but supporting the elders in his neighborhood. "I remember as early as 5, I was the strange little boy wanting to be with seniors rather than my fellow childhood peers. I found the wisdom and character of seniors far more rewarding and pleasant. In turn, I was a helpful little companion to them."

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Christina Dragonetti

Christina Dragonetti is the Outreach and Communications Director at CalNonprofits. Christina oversees the membership department at CalNonprofits, where she is responsible for recruitment, retention, and engagement of CalNonprofits members. Christina also manages the Nonprofit Student Debt Project at CalNonprofits; coordinates CalNonprofits’ work with Grant Advisor; and has advocated on behalf of California nonprofits during the recent rulemaking process for California’s Teleconnect Fund.

Christina has worked for more than 10 years in the nonprofit sector in California. She earned her BA from Whitman College, and holds a master’s degree in public administration from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She currently serves on the board of the League of Women Voters of California and fosters kittens in her spare time.

First volunteer experience: Christina’s first volunteer experience was a Girl Scout project she completed in 7th grade. “My troop planned and hosted a Career Day for girls with then-Assemblymember Jacky Speier as our keynote speaker and 30 different women talking about their careers. It opened our eyes to a new world of potential professions while we learned the elements of large event planning."

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Tanya Grant is the Membership Associate at the California Association of Nonprofits where she provides membership, administrative, and office support. Tanya has previously held marketing positions at organizations focused on the performing arts, academic publishing, technology, corporate retail, and investment sectors in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a B.S. degree from State University of New York at Buffalo.

First volunteer experience: Tanya’s first volunteer experience was as a volunteer teaching assistant. “I worked as a tutor in piano classes and developed teaching materials for piano classes at City College of San Francisco. I enjoyed teaching music and helping students improve their piano playing."

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As a startup nonprofit, the process is often difficult. CalNonprofits quickly provided valuable information and resources that helped me handle it all.
I appreciate their professionalism and expertise.

– Bernice Varnado,
Lion of Yehuda
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