DAY 1 SCHEDULE – November 4, 2015
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

8:00 - Registration, Exhibits, & Breakfast

Keynote Address by Dr. Raphael Sonenshein

10:30 to 11:45 - Morning Breakout Sessions

Forecasting the Future of Philanthropy

Where is philanthropy going? Which funding trends are here to stay? How will these trends in giving impact California’s nonprofit community? Will those changes benefit clients, services and nonprofits? An experienced panel will discuss these questions and more as they examine national and statewide trends in giving and their impact on the work being done by nonprofits.
Rick Cohen, Nonprofit Quarterly
Fred Ali, Executive Director, Weingart Foundation
Terence Mulligan, Executive Director, Napa Valley Community Foundation

10 Rules Your Nonprofit Needs to Know For 2016

Want to be ahead of the curve instead of playing catch up? Want to know the good and the bad that your nonprofit should be on the lookout for in 2016? Join three top nonprofit attorneys for a discussion that will cover everything from elections and lobbying to charitable donations and compliance plus everything in between.
Rosemary Fei, Principal, Adler & Colvin
Gene Takagi, Managing Attorney, NEO Law Group
Elizabeth Bluestein, Vice President & General Counsel, Public Counsel
Resource: Top 10 Issues/Developments for 2016

How We Can Influence the 2016 Election

The 2015 Election is Over! The 2016 Election is Coming! Join us for a look at the 2016 election through a different lens: panelists will look beyond the usual demographic groups to highlight voting patterns and useful insights for voter engagement. The panel will also explore the impact of new voting legislation on voter registration, engagement and voting. This session is a great way to prepare to “Vote with Your Mission” in 2016!
Dr. Raphael J. Sonenshein
Mindy Romero, Director, California Civic Engagement Project

Moderator, Melissa Breach, Executive Director, League of Women Voters of California

12:00 to 1:30 - Lunch, Exhibits & Plenary

An Advocacy Agenda for California’s Nonprofit Community and a Report on CalNonprofits’ Work

A meeting with Jan Masaoka, CalNonprofits CEO, on the organization’s work in 2015 and what is coming in 2016.

1:45 to 3:00 - Afternoon Breakout Session

Town Hall Meeting on Nonprofit Overhead

The Town Hall on Overhead is the culmination of convenings hosted by CalNonprofits throughout California. Come hear what we learned from your colleagues throughout California, discuss your concerns and experiences, and take a look into the future of indirect costs; will foundations and individuals follow the government’s lead in overhead reimbursement?
Jan Masaoka, President and CEO, CalNonprofits
Fred Ali, Executive Director, Weingart Foundation
Kay Sohl, Nonprofit Overhead Project
Moderator, Latonya Slack, Slack Global Consulting (CalNonprofits Board Member)

An Economic Forecast for the California Nonprofit Sector

How will the economic forces and trends of 2016 affect the nonprofits? A diverse panel from the individual giving, foundation and government sectors will come together to offer their insights on 2016. Use these forecasts to help your nonprofit prepare to stay ahead of the economic forces that may change how it does business or works to achieve its mission.
Ellen LaPointe, President, Northern California Grantmakers
Tim Gage, Principal and Co-Founder Blue Sky Consulting Group, Board Member, California Budget & Policy Center
Elizabeth Laderman, Senior Economic Outreach Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Moderator, Shamus Roller, Executive Director, Housing California (CalNonprofits Board Member)

Beyond California: National Political Trends and Predictions 

Rick Cohen, National Correspondent for the Nonprofit Quarterly, will join nationally recognized fundraising guru Kim Klein for a one-on-one conversation of what’s happening in Washington D.C. and what's coming in 2016. Who's in office and what's in the budget often impact nonprofits more than the economic environment generally. Don't miss this rare chance to see a fun and wide-ranging conversation between two of the nonprofit community's biggest trend-watchers and advocates.



Q & A with the Democratic and Republican Leaders of California

Cynthia Bryant, Executive Director, California Republican Party and Shawnda Westly, Senior Strategist, California Democratic Party, will talk California politics and the coming election with CalNonprofits Sacramento Advocate Jennifer Fearing. Bring your questions!

DAY 2 SCHEDULE – November 5, 2015
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

10:30 to 12:00 Morning Breakout Sessions

Using Social Media to Raise Money

Social media is the most ubiquitous medium of communication permeating every aspect of nonprofit operations from fundraising to advocacy, and volunteer engagement to program delivery. In some ways it levels the playing field for nonprofit organizations to build their brands and engage their community, but using social media effectively has its challenges. How can we use the lessons from #IceBucketChallenge, #BlackLivesMatter, #LoveWins and more? Come find out how social media is being utilized by various nonprofits in the region to meet their mission. You’ll walk away with inspiration, ideas and tactics that you can apply to your nonprofit.
Ritu Sharma, CEO, Social Media For Nonprofits

Real Costs – Realistic Strategies: Understanding, Communicating, and Funding the Full Cost of Your Services

What seems like an accounting issue — cost allocation — is actually a set of strategic decisions that both reflect previous decisions and inform future decisions. This session will focus on the essentials of cost allocation: how to identify your overhead costs, and choices in how to allocate them to programs. By determining the full cost (or fully loaded costs) of each program, smarter decisions can be made to increase the amount of indirect costs you can recover, and to analyze the profitability/financial impact of each program.  An accounting background is appreciated, but not necessary for this session which is designed for CFOs, COOs, Executive Directors, fundraising staff, and board members.
Kay Sohl, Nonprofit Overhead Project

12:00 to 1:00 - Networking Lunch with Workshop Presenters

1:00 to 3:00 - Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Nonprofit Insurance Boot Camp

Insurance can be confusing - what do we need? Why does it cost so much? In this session you will learn the new trends in risk management, the effect of health care reform on your agency, how to provide benefit plans that attract and keep employees, and what insurance you need to protect your board, management and organization against lawsuits and unexpected events and accidents. Pick up tips to determine what insurance you really need; when it is best to self-insure; and effective shopping strategies for the best insurance coverages at the lowest costs.
Meredeth Clark, CEO, CalNonprofits Insurance Services

OMB Uniform Guidance: Evaluating Options to Recover Your Full Costs

In a national study last year, California was found to be the fourth worst in having governments fail to pay the full costs of funded programs. This session starts with understanding the key elements of the new regulations and whether/how to apply them to your specific situations. Expert nonprofit finance consultant Kay Sohl will focus on making the new regulations from the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) into useful tools for nonprofits with government contracts. These new rules change the definitions of what are direct costs compared to indirect costs, and require a minimum of 10% overhead.  Not simply a walk-through of the regulations, we have the background and inside information to make this session practical and worthwhile. In addition to understanding the tool, the session will address how to raise the question of indirect costs with your government contract officers, and how CalNonprofits’ Nonprofit Overhead Project can support your advocacy.
Kay Sohl, Nonprofit Overhead Project


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