YES!  We are signing on to Vote with Your Mission and joining the growing list of California nonprofits participating in this important campaign!

As a nonprofit participant in Vote with Your Mission, we agree to do two or more of the following:

  • Ask all staff, volunteers, board members, and constituents to vote.
  • Adopt the slogan, "Vote With Your Mission," with the tagline, "Nonprofits are led by ideals and values for changing the world. Vote with the ideals and values that lead you."
  • Provide on-site nonpartisan voter registration materials for staff, volunteers, board members, and constituents.
  • Add to the organization's list of responsibilities for its board of directors: "Voting in every election while you are on the board."
  • Allow up to two hours of paid staff time to vote on Election Day. For non-voters, the time can be used to help co-workers or neighbors get to the polls, or to participate in "get-out-the-vote" activities (for any cause or candidate).
  • Post the Vote with Your Mission poster in our lobby, on our door or window, in our clinic, in our newsletter, and elsewhere, or create our own poster.

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