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California counts on the nonprofit community. And the nonprofit community counts on CalNonprofits!

Join us! CalNonprofits membership has something for everyone in your nonprofit. 

"We are always amazed at how much work and services are provided by CalNonprofits, despite having such a small staff. Our membership more than pays for itself, every year."

CEOs like…

  • Being involved in advocating for the nonprofit community in Sacramento and with philanthropy
  • Free online resources for finance, governance, and human resources
  • Making your insurance dollars work for our communities
  • Free webinars and special members-only pricing for events

Finance staff like...

  • Spending less on office supplies, credit card processing fees, and more
  • Accurate compliance information at your fingertips
  • Contributing your expertise to advocacy efforts for the nonprofit community
  • Free review of your employee retirement plan with advice for lowering your costs and boosting portfolio performance

HR managers like…

  • One-stop shop for insurance from experts you can trust at CalNonprofits Insurance Services
  • Free subscription to ThinkHR, including Think HR Live (live experts available to answer HR questions), ThinkHR Comply, a resource center with forms, tools, and compliance checklists, and ThinkHR Learn Pro’s library of training and compliance courses (including some just for nonprofits)
  • Special pricing and excellent customer service from background check providers
  • Half price job postings on CalNonprofits job board
  • Our Nonprofit Student Loan Forgiveness Project

Communications and tech staff like…

  • Getting your message out on buses and on outdoor kiosks for a fraction of the retail price
  • Great rates on audio and web conferencing
  • Discounts on nonprofit technology webinars and series

Details on all of these discounts and special programs are here, or you can watch the recording of our member benefits webinar here.

Find out which membership level is right for you and how much it costs here

Join us now to get all the benefits of CalNonprofits membership!

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Photo of Marie CubillasCalNonprofits has great customer service and they are always professional and helpful. Best of all, they advocate for us and get us the best insurance rates. I highly recommend joining the California Association of Nonprofits.

– Marie Cubillas,
Big Brothers, Big Sisters
of Santa Cruz
Member Since 1987

Why do nonprofits join CalNonprofits?

  • Strengthen the voice of nonprofits in California
  • Participate in advocacy
  • Get health insurance, employee benefits, and property/casualty coverages
  • Save money on office supplies, background checks, and more
  • Access online library of finance, HR, and governance resources
  • Learn how to stay compliant

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