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9:00 AM

Welcome and Opening Plenary:
New Wave of Foundation CEOs

10:30 AM

Morning Breakout Sessions 

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12:30 PM

Keynote: Tamika Butler

1:30 PM

Afternoon Breakout Sessions 

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Keynote: Vu Le

4:00 PM 

Ice Cream Social

Session Descriptions
New Wave of Philanthropy CEOs Opening Plenary
There's a new wave of CEOs at foundations -- with new ways of thinking about grantmaking. Join us for the opening plenary of the 2018 Convention to hear a panel of foundation leaders from both urban and rural areas discuss foundation-nonprofit relationships, the future of philanthropy, and changes they want to see in the sector.
Shane Murphy Goldsmith, President and CEO, Liberty Hill Foundation, Los Angeles
Marian Kaanon, President and CEO, Stanislaus Community Foundation, Modesto
Marcos Vargas, Executive Director, Fund for Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
Terence Mulligan, President and CEO, Napa Valley Community Foundation, Napa (moderator)

Nonprofit Law: The Devils and Angels in the Details
Are you aware of recent changes to laws and requirements for nonprofits? Do you know which regulations your organization needs to comply with? Join Tania Ibañez, California’s top nonprofit regulator in the Attorney General’s office, and our expert panel of nonprofit lawyers The focus is Q&A, not just presentation, so bring your questions!
Tania Ibañez, Senior Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Charitable Trust Section of the California Attorney General’s Office
Gene Takagi, NEO Law Group
Liz Bluestein, Vice President, Public Counsel
Rosemary Fei, Principal, Adler and Colvin (moderator)

The Census is Coming! The Census is Coming!
For every person registered in the Census, almost $2,000 in federal money flows to their area, so hundreds of billions of federal funds, congressional representation, and more are at stake with the 2020 Census. Our state faces unique challenges in getting an accurate count, and nonprofits will play a key role to play in making sure all of California’s residents count. Panelists will talk frankly about the challenges and opportunities for nonprofits, what to do now, and how we can make sure our communities are counted.
Ditas Katague, State Director of the California Complete Count – Census 2020
John Dobard, Associate Director of Political Voice, Advancement Project California
Perla Ni, CEO, GreatNonprofits
Efrain Escobedo, Vice President, Education & Immigration, California Community Foundation (moderator)

Behind the Scenes in Sacramento
Have you ever wondered about the real stories of how legislation works behind the scenes? What do lobbyists do for nonprofits, and how? Why is “the floor” is an exciting place? What do legislative staff do? What are the most effective ways to get your community’s perspective included in the policy-making conversation? Now is your chance to get the scoop from insiders! Meet two of Sacramento’s most dynamic nonprofit lobbyists to hear how they get it done in the halls (and coffee shops) of the Capitol.
Jennifer Fearing, Sacramento Advocate for CalNonprofits
Sue Sigler, Executive Director, California Association of Food Banks

Ask the Experts on Insurance
You don’t need to be an expert on insurance to make smart decisions! Join us for a Q&A session with CalNonprofits Insurance Services staff – our resident insurance experts. This is your chance to bring your questions, get answers and advice, and find out why CalNonprofits Insurance Services is the one-stop shop for nonprofits when they need health insurance for staff or liability insurance for the organization.
CalNonprofits Insurance Staff

How Nonprofit Staff Can Get Student Debt Forgiveness
Student debt is a growing problem for the nonprofit sector: new graduates and their parents have more debt than ever before, making it harder and harder for nonprofits to bring in new talent while hanging on to their experienced staff. If you or your colleagues have student debt, it’s time to learn about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Come learn the details and figure out how to qualify. Managers and HR staff should also attend to find out the free and low-cost ways they can support staff with student debt.
Natalia Abrams, Student Debt Crisis
Christina Dragonetti, CalNonprofits Student Debt Project

The Great Debate: Donor Advised Funds
Back by popular demand! This year’s debate will focus on the question: are Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) democratizing giving and encouraging people to give more generously, or are they “Warehousing Wealth” as critics have suggested? As DAFs continue to draw more and more philanthropic dollars, the question of their impact on the nonprofit sector is a hot topic. Detractors and supporters are arguing in The Economist, Nonprofit Quarterly (here and here), and in the Chronicle of Philanthropy (here and here). Join us for lively debate - in real life - on DAFs!
Debate Teams TBA
Michael Alexander, Executive Director Emeritus, Grand Performances, and CalNonprofits Board Member (moderator)
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