Convention Schedule

Tuesday, November 16

11 a.m.

State of the Nonprofit Sector: CEO Jan Masaoka will open with remarks on the state of the nonprofit community, and what she sees as the key actionable issues for the nonprofit community right now.


Keynote Address: To be announced!


11:30 a.m. -
12:30 p.m.

Opening Plenary: Wayfinding in the New Normal


The pandemic caused seismic shifts in nearly every facet of our world. And from healthcare to childcare, to social services and racial equity, nonprofits stepped up as never before. Many suffered. But there have also been silver linings: child poverty is down and safety nets expanded. How can we build on some of the ground that’s been gained? What do the signs ahead tell us about where best to focus our efforts?

Join with some of the sharpest minds around — repping nonprofits, foundations and research — to help us find our footing and navigate the year ahead with solid insights about what’s to come. CalNonprofits CEO Jan Masaoka will kick our session into gear with her assessment of the current state of the sector and a framework for action.


Moderator: Daniel Zingale, former senior advisor on strategy and communications to Governor Gavin Newsom.
Speakers: Senator Monique Limón (SD 19), Chair, CA Senate Select Committee on the Nonprofit Sector
Chet Hewitt, CEO, Sierra Health Foundation; Board Member, CalNonprofits
Raphael Sonenshein, Executive Director, The Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at Cal State LA
Maricela Morales, Chair, CAUSE (Central Coast Alliance for a Sustainable Economy); Chair, CalNonprofits Board of Directors


2 p.m. -
3:30 p.m.

Translating Racial Justice Movements into Public Policy


The fight for racial equity and justice continues to build and expand on the national Black Lives Matter movement and is taking hold in California through statewide and county-based efforts. As part of these efforts, nonprofit leaders are driving systems change to address disparities inherent in current laws and practices. This panel will hold up striking examples of how California nonprofits are working at state and local levels to operationalize racial equity in public policy.


Moderator: To be announced
Speakers: Janay Eustace, Executive Director, California Youth Connection, Sacramento
Malcolm Yeung, Executive Director, Chinatown Community Development Center Mar Velez, State Policy Senior Manager, Latino Coalition for a Healthy CA

Wednesday, November 17

11 a.m. -
12:30 p.m.

Nonprofit Compensation and Public Policy: Beyond Paychecks & Budgets


Yes, nonprofit workers deserve living wages and more. But it’s time we look beyond organization walls and HR offices, and set our sights on a broader approach to improving compensation for nonprofit workers. From addressing student debt (we do that!) to changing government contracting practices, our panel of thinkers on this issue will look at what changes within the policy environment – at both the local and state levels – will truly begin to bring equity to how nonprofit workers are paid.


Moderator: Jan Masaoka, CEO, CalNonprofits
Speakers: Rusty Stahl, Founder, President & CEO, Fund the People
Debbi Lerman, Director, Human Services Network of San Francisco
Robert Pascual, former CEO of several nonprofits of varying sizes and currently finance consultant


2 p.m -
3:30 p.m.

Following the Money: How to Influence the State and Local Budgets


The state budget experienced a multi-billion-dollar surplus this past fiscal year, and federal dollars are continuing to pour into the state and local governments. At the same time, many communities and individuals are struggling as they experience multiple crises. Now more than ever, budget advocacy by nonprofits is needed to ensure those resources flow to where they’re needed most. And who knows those needs better than we do? We’ll hear from our expert panelists how county and state budget processes work and how nonprofits can engage effectively in budget advocacy.


Moderator: To be announced
Speakers: Jessica Bartholow, Chief of Staff, State Sen. Nancy Skinner; (chair of CA State Senate Budget Committee)
Eunisses Hernandez, Executive Director, La Defensa (co-author of Measure J, which shifted Los Angeles County’s budget toward greater community investment)
Julie Baker, Executive Director, Californians for the Arts
Dan Geiger, Director, Human Services Alliance of Contra Costa County and coordinator of the CCC Budget Justice Coalition

Thursday, November 18

11 a.m. -
12:30 p.m.

Every Nonprofit is a Climate Nonprofit


Climate change consequences intersect with nearly every social issue nonprofits take on. Wildfire and drought might seem obvious. But what about food insecurity, immigration, housing, health, and even arts and culture? Environmental justice and issues of equity become ever more critical, as well. With an eclectic panel of nonprofit voices, this session will confront what climate change means for the nonprofit sector, how it is affecting needs and services, and what policies and practices need to be considered now and in the future.


Moderator: Jennifer Fearing, Sacramento Advocate, Fearless Advocacy
Speakers: Shamus Roller, Executive Director, National Housing Law Project; Board Member, CalNonprofits
Veronica Garibay-Gonzalez, Co-Executive Director, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability


2 p.m. -
3:30 p.m.

Debate 2021!


Always a highlight of our convention, Debate 2021 will not disappoint! At issue this year: Donor-advised funds (DAFs). From one side we’ll hear why this extremely popular vehicle for philanthropy is in need of regulation. From the other: DAF’s aren’t broken and regulation is neither needed nor a good idea.


Moderator: Geoff Green, Chief Executive Officer, Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) Foundation; Treasurer, CalNonprofits Board of Directors
Pro: Susan Gomez, CEO, Inland Empire Community Collaborative (IECC); Board Member, CalNonprofits
Con: To be announced!


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