California is the largest and hardest-to-count state in the country, and undercounting California's residents will have a direct impact on nonprofits and communities. The stakes are high: $76 billion in federal funding that California receives each year is based in part on census data.

Nonprofits, as trusted messengers in our communities, will be key players in making sure that the 2020 Census count is as fair, accurate, and complete as possible. In October and November, the Census will be hiring thousands of Californians for temporary, flexible jobs with pay ranging from $15/hour to $30/hour. As trusted messengers, nonprofit staff and volunteers are encouraged to invite members of your community to apply. Click here to find out more.




Why is the Census Important?

CalNonprofits role in the 2020 Census: we are part of the Census Policy Advocacy Network and are working on getting the word out about to nonprofits about the critical role we can play in assuring an accurate 2020 Census count in California communities.

Additional resources for specific communities - coming soon!