Why should our nonprofit get involved with the Census?

California has millions of people who can be considered "hard to count." In fact, one in every four Californians lives in a "hard to count" area. Such individuals are often:

  • Non-English speaking
  • Very low income Immigrants with various kinds of immigration status
  • Without permanent housing
  • Lacking in internet access or familiarity (the internet will be the primary way for the Census to count people)

Click here to see an interactive map of California's hard-to-count areas: https://census.ca.gov/HTC-map/

Many people in such communities already know and trust community nonprofits when they bring their children to a nonprofit childcare center, see a doctor at a local clinic, receive job skills training, or open the door to a Meals-on-Wheels volunteer. That existing level of trust means people will listen when nonprofits speak to them about the Census. And, nonprofits are already good at stepping outside our lanes when it comes to emergencies or responding to unexpected needs in the community.

In addition, as the Census begins hiring, nonprofits will also help by recruiting paid enumerators (Census counters) that come from the communities where they will be working.

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