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CalNonprofits is launching a three-pronged initiative to help prepare nonprofits and their constituents to take full advantage of the health care exchange created by the Affordable Care Act.

Nonprofits have three main questions about healthcare reform:Pig with stethoscope

  • How will this affect our clients and constituents?
  • How will healthcare reform affect our funding?
  • How will this affect our nonprofit's ability to provide health insurance for our employees?

To answer these questions, CalNonprofits' three-part initiative will include education, direct enrollment and advocacy.

Education: In addition to helping nonprofits connect with the best information about how healthcare reform will affect their clients, CalNonprofits has a special role helping nonprofits understand and assess their own healthcare insurance options for their employees. CalNonprofits and CalNonprofits Insurance Services (CIS) staff will be conducting webinars for California nonprofits and are available for presentations to nonprofit conferences and convenings.

Direct enrollment: Through its insurance arm, CalNonprofits Insurance Services (CIS), CalNonprofits is hiring and training licensed staff who will be able to enroll nonprofit staff and their dependents in Covered California -- the new health exchange in California. For example, some CalNonprofits members have employees who are not eligible for employer-paid health insurance (for instance, if they are part-time). CIS will be able to enroll these staff directly into Covered California (available for those who use CIS as their insurance agent). As a result, nonprofits can provide healthcare assistance to all their staff.

Advocacy: CalNonprofits is supporting the efforts of nonprofit policy organizations such as the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN), the Family Resource Centers Network of California, and others to ensure that emerging policies and regulations benefit everyone. "The Affordable Care Act provides us with a tremendous opportunity to improve the health of all Californians," commented Ellen Wu, CPEHN's executive director and a board member of CalNonprofits. "It has been important to connect with the broader nonprofit sector through CalNonprofits to make sure that low-income, vulnerable communities can get the health care they need, particularly through Covered California and Medi-Cal." For more information about our advocacy efforts, please contact Kris Lev-Twombly, CalNonprofits' Director of Policy and lobbyist.

A special section of the CalNonprofits website will be launched June 1, 2013, with updates and services in the above areas. For more information, contact:

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