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Did you know there is an institution that gives $45 million each year to community nonprofits in California? If you don’t even know you’re eligible for it, you’re not alone. What you do need to know is that these funds are now seriously at risk.

The California Teleconnect Fund pays for up to 50% of many nonprofit phone and internet carrier services, and is currently paying an average of $811 permonth for more than 6,000 California nonprofits. Eligible nonprofits receive the discount through their phone or internet provider, so you may not even realize you have it!

The Fund is administered by the Public Utilities Commission, which is considering major changes in its eligibility criteria that might make many or most of these nonprofits ineligible.

In addition, they have proposed that voice telephone may no longer be eligible, which would hurt the thousands of nonprofits that serve populations without access to broadband.

That’s why we’re convening a CalNonprofits Statewide Policy Task Force to help us investigate this issue, advise the CalNonprofits board, and take action if appropriate. Join us!

Participation involves joining three or four conference calls, reading materials sent in advance, and making recommendations to CalNonprofits on appropriate positions and actions. Please note that membership on policy task forces is open to CalNonprofits members only.

This CalNonprofits Policy Task Force will be chaired by Jan Masaoka, CEO of CalNonprofits. Please email Christina Dragonetti to express your interest in joining this task force. Tell us your name, title, affiliated nonprofit, location, and a few sentences about your knowledge or involvement with this issue.

P.S. In the meantime, apply for the discount yourself here!

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