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In early 2015, CalNonprofits announced its support for increases to the minimum wage:

When it comes to the minimum wage, voices are often heard from business, from labor, and from government. But what about nonprofits? The nonprofit sector employs nearly one million Californians, and has more jobs than construction, finance, or agriculture. California's nonprofits benefit every resident of the state, and are trusted by the public for job creation and for efficient, ethical behavior.

CalNonprofits believes that all workers deserve an adequate wage and that raising wage floors is an important and effective tool for reducing poverty in our communities. That’s why CalNonprofits is announcing its support for increases to the minimum wage.

our members not only support increased minimum wages, but are eager to work with city and state officials on both legislation and implementation." 

At the same time, as the “Chamber of Commerce” representing the nonprofit sector in California, it’s our job to ensure that policy makers and the public at large know the perspective of nonprofits on issues that impact them and the communities they serve. CalNonprofits has identified as a crucial aspect of implementation the need to provide a longer phase-in schedule for nonprofits in order to provide time to re-negotiate government contracts that reimburse at minimum wage levels, allowing nonprofits to maintain delivery of critical human services.

As minimum wage proposals are developed, CalNonprofits urges policymakers to work with the nonprofit sector to ensure that:

·      minimum wage increases do not fall short of adequately compensating families who may become disqualified for public benefits (such as SSI or Section 8 Housing).

·      local governments work collaboratively with California’s nonprofits to obtain additional state and federal funding to cover the costs of mandated wage increases.

"Minimum wage increases help the working poor," said Ashley McCumber, CalNonprofits board chair and CEO of Meals on Wheels of San Francisco. "Nonprofit leaders are committed to helping the working poor through minimum wage increases as well as through services."

"Opponents of minimum wage increases often try to use nonprofits as a 'front man,'" added CalNonprofits CEO Jan Masaoka. “In fact, our members not only support increased minimum wages, but are eager to work with city and state offiicials on both legislation and implementation."

CalNonprofits surveyed its members to help guide us in forming our recommendations for implementation of minimum wage increases.  You can learn more about our survey results here.

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