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Earlier this year, CalNonprofits announced our support for increases to the minimum wage because we believe that all workers deserve an adequate wage and that raising wage floors is an important and effective tool for reducing poverty in our communities. We said in January, "our members not only support increased minimum wages, but are eager to work with city and state officials on both legislation and implementation.” 

Today we did just that.

Here’s our Sacramento Advocate Jennifer Fearing — who testified today in front of the California Senate Labor Committee in support of the minimum wage bill — with Senator Mark Leno, author of SB3. “I’m proud to testify in support of this important anti-poverty bill backed by CalNonprofits,” said Fearing.

Our Policy Director Nancy Berlin was heard from on the issue today as well in the L.A. Times, where she said: "In the long run, we don't want to create a low-wage workforce among nonprofits. It creates high turnover and a lot of disgruntled people who are trying to do good work in the community."

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