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CalNonprofits strongly supports the California New Motor Voter Program, which would amplify the voices of nonprofits and the communities we serve.  

California’s nonprofits provide employment to nearly one million Californians and work to promote social change. But nonprofits and the communities we serve are often unheard and uncounted in elections. CalNonprofits “Vote With Your Mission” campaign encourages nonprofit employees, volunteers and clients to be counted by voting their values and beliefs at the ballot box.

By simplifying voter registration, AB1461 -- the California New Motor Voter Program -- is an opportunity for California’s nonprofits to overcome a hurdle to voting our mission.  The California New Motor Voter Program takes advantage of the Department of Motor Vehicles’ wide reach to register eligible voters when they obtain or renew a license or are issued a state identification card.  

Under the Program, the Department of Motor Vehicles provides the Secretary of State with an electronic record of each person eligible to vote who is issued a new license, a renewal or state identification card.  In addition, the Secretary of State forwards the voter information to county election officials and notifies the newly registered person of the registration and their right to opt out of voter registration in 21 days.

When it comes to registration of eligible voters, California ranks 7th from the last in the U.S. Nonprofits have traditionally spent much of their electoral work on voter registration campaigns. As a result of NonprofitVOTE’s review of 2012 election efforts we know that “voters contacted by nonprofits voted at a higher rate than the average turnout for all registered voters." The California New Motor Voter Program would take a large step towards registering many more voters, thereby allowing nonprofits to focus their election efforts on voter education. 

Follow AB1461’s progress on CalNonprofit’s Legislation Tracker!

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