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In 1978, California voters passed Proposition 13 to protect homeowners from high property taxes. As a result, property taxes were lowered to a constitutional maximum of 1% and local property tax revenues fell by more than 60%, resulting in revenue losses at the county and city levels.

At the same time, loopholes in the law have allowed many commercial property owners to avoid reassessments of their properties, thereby paying less than similar and competing commercial property owners. Efforts are underway to close these loopholes, including a bill that has just been introduced in the state legislature: SCA5, which CalNonprofits supports.

This survey is designed to learn directly from California nonprofits about the impact of Proposition 13 on their organizations and communities. We believe that what California nonprofits think about the impact of Proposition 13 should be a vital part of this debate.

As your “Chamber of Commerce” representing the nonprofit sector, our job is to ensure that policy makers and the public at large know the perspective of nonprofits on issues that impact us and the communities we serve. That’s why we are surveying nonprofit leaders about Proposition 13.

We hope you’ll take just a few minutes to complete this survey. And stay tuned to hear what you told us when we report back the results!

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