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Please help us by taking this short survey. Everyone has heard about the student debt crisis -- more than 42 million people owe a total of $1.3 trillion in student debt. In California, the average debt for an individual graduating from a four-year institution is $21,382. Student debt is a personal issue for nonprofit employees, and a public policy issue for the nonprofit community and its workforce. 

StudentdebtballandchaingraphicThat's why we're asking for your help by taking this brief survey. You can take the survey if you are a nonprofit employee with student debt OR the Executive Director or HR Manager of a nonprofit organization. And please pass it on to others using this link:

It's estimated that more than 100,000 California nonprofit staff have student loans. For many nonprofit staff, loan payments can take up a large portion of their salaries. The debt burden can seem insurmountable, leading some to abandon nonprofit work. Many nonprofit employers are unaware of their employees' debt or how they can help, and that has a direct impact on employee recruitment and retention. CalNonprofits' Nonprofit Student Loan Project aims to educate and mobilize the nonprofit community to tackle this issue. This survey is our first step in determining how student debt is affecting the nonprofit community -- and what we can do about it. Your responses will inform our project, helping us set priorities and determine activities going forward.

Please take the survey today, and pass it on to anyone you know in the nonprofit community who is affected by student debt -- individuals who work for nonprofits, and nonprofits who employ people burdened by student debt. The link to the survey is here: Or you can download the survey here, fill it out and send it back to CalNonprofits' Program Director Diana Dunker.

The survey will be open through April, and we'll announce the results in early May. Stay tuned...and thank you!

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