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Update 4/8/16:  In less than a week, nearly 300 California nonprofits signed letters opposing AB 2855 - the bill that would require nonprofits to post unnecessary, duplicative information on our websites and materials. 

We call this the "Warning Label Bill" because forcing us to put such labels on everything implies that - like tobacco - nonprofits are dangerous and the public needs to be warned about us. The bill is scheduled to be heard in committee on April 12. CalNonprofits staff have met with committee members and their staff, and presented them with the powerful list of nonprofits that are opposing the bill. 

It's especially great that opposition has come from all parts of the state and all parts of the nonprofit community. As just a few examples, signers include the Association of California Symphony Orchestras, Klamath Forest Alliance, Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches, National Center for Lesbian Rights, San Diego Guild of Puppetry, San Francisco SPCA, United Ways of California, Meals on Wheels of San Francisco, American Lung Association, California League of Community Foundations, Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and many more -- large and small, all over the state.

It's working. Committee members have heard us loud and clear. But we're not out of the woods. The bill has been amended, and while some of the most disastrous aspects of the bill have changed, its core problem remains: requiring nonprofits to warn prospective clients, volunteers and the warning labels about side effects on pharmaceuticals. You can read the amended bill here.

The committee needs to hear from us that the bill is still unacceptable.You can see our updated letter in opposition to AB 2855.

IMPORTANT: Please confirm that your organization is still opposed to this awful bill by clicking here.

Stay tuned, and stay alert. More soon!

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