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In mid-March 2016, CalNonprofits distributed a survey to find out more about the impact of student debt on nonprofit employers and staff. The response has been overwhelming. Here is just a small sampling of the kinds of stories we've heard so far:

"A nonprofit salary and student loan debt makes for hard choices."
Eliza is making payments on her student loan debt but with each month the math isn’t adding up. “If you have large amounts of loans and work at a nonprofit, you find yourself choosing to help others over feeding yourself and your family. It’s ridiculous and impossible and absolutely unfair – not just to us who wish to dedicate their career to giving back, but also to those who are in grave need of the services that we provide.”

"It’s like being taxed for doing good."
Jane works in the nonprofit sector and has been making student loan payments for at least seven years. She works and lives in Silicon Valley, and is using her degree to dedicate her life to helping others and is barely staying afloat because of student loans. “It’s like I’m paying an extra tax of $450 a month because I’m working to make the world a better place.”

"I now qualify for the low-income services my employer provides.”
Imagine being eligible for the low-income services that your organization provides as a nonprofit employee; meet John. John has been working in the nonprofit sector for over six years and paying student loans for about that long. His compensation started off equal to that of private sector jobs but as time passed his salary did not rise. He now qualifies for the subsidized services he provides through his nonprofit employer.

"Student debt:  it’s not just for millenials anymore."
Meet Lisa, a 72-year-old nonprofit Executive Director who is still paying back student loans. Lisa’s already “paid back over the original amount the interest has doubled it”.  Now at the end of forbearance she doesn’t know how she can continue to make loan payments.

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