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Check your telephone/internet bill -- do you get the California Teleconnect Fund discount? Changes in rules may increase your costs starting July 1.

The California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) currently provides a 50% discount on telephone and internet services to thousands of nonprofits across the state. Many organizations don't realize they get the discount because once the organization is signed up to participate, the telecommunications carrier applies the discounts each month and there is no re-enrollment required. If you're not sure, check your telecommunications invoice (sample invoices here) or check the appropriate list on this page.

Starting July 1st, the 50% CTF discount will continue to apply to broadband internet services, but the support for voice/telephone services (including VoIP) will go down to 25%. For example: if your monthly bill is $100 broadband and $100 for voice services with the current discount, starting next month your bill will be $100 for broadband and $150 for voice services. (More information here.)

If your organization is in an under- or un-served area, you can apply for an "exemption" to keep the 50% discount on voice services. However, if you do that, you will lose any discounts for internet or other services currently covered by the CTF. Why? Because if you're in those areas the assumption is your telephone lines are the most advanced telecommunications services available to your organization. We recommend calculating the discounts both ways and selecting the option that provides you with the best discount. 

Also starting July 1 -- new rules for eligibility to participate in the CTF program. 

Webinar: Making Sense of the New Teleconnect Fund Rule
Thursday, June 30 at 12pm (30 minutes)
FREE for members / $10 for not-yet-members

Register here.

Join us for this informational webinar about the new CTF eligibility and rules changes and the impact they may have on your organization's finances. We have invited a California Teleconnect Fund staff member to help us figure out the new rules and provide guidance on the best ways for nonprofits to move forward. We'll also show you where to look for the CTF discount on your bill and where to go for more answers. 

CalNonprofits has been actively advocating for keeping the nonprofit discount through the latest round of revisions. We didn’t get everything we wanted, but we’re glad much of this important Fund has been kept. In this webinar our Program Director Diana Dunker will also touch briefly on the advocacy effort we conducted with our Teleconnect Fund Task Force.

Note: CalNonprofits is not affiliated with the California Public Utilities Commission or the California Teleconnect Fund. We offer this information as a general guideline but we do not provide assistance for individual organizations or facilitate applying for the discount or exception. Please visit the California Teleconnect Fund website for more information.

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