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BREAKING (11/22/16 at 4pm): Texas judge temporarily blocks implementation of the new overtime rules. Read more here.

You probably know about the new Department of Labor (DOL) regulations that go into effect on December 1 affecting overtime rules and the classification of exempt workers. The key change is that for an employee to be classified as exempt (and therefore not eligible for overtime) he or she must earn $47,476 per year.  

It’s more complicated than that, and it’s important to stay on the right side of these rules. Fortunately, the National Network of Business Law Pro Bono Providers (National Network) and the Association of Pro Bono Counsel (APBCo), with support from Pro Bono Net, have launched a nationwide resource hotline for nonprofits regarding the upcoming FLSA changes. Pro bono attorneys are providing free telephone consultations to nonprofits like yours. In California, our pals at Public Counsel in Los Angeles are part of these efforts. 

If you have questions about the new regulations and their effect on your workforce, you may complete a simple INTAKE FORM and request a free one-hour legal consultation via telephone with an attorney. If needed, nonprofits can request an additional one-hour follow-up call. The hotline is open to groups throughout the country and will be administered by Lawyers Alliance for New York. Nonprofits are encouraged to consult with local counsel regarding state overtime rules as these consultations will only cover federal rules. See the intake form and press release for more details.

Not all the attorneys participating in this service may have specific knowledge about how the regulations apply to nonprofits, so be sure to get the right legal help. You can also see our earlier article on the subject here and the slides from a Public Counsel webinar we co-sponsored here.

Note that even though some public officials have vowed to change the new overtime rules, it won't happen by December 1, so employers need to be prepared to follow the new rules as they stand now. 

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