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Earlier this month we published “Towards a Strategic Stance Under the Trump Administration,” focusing on reactions and responses to the Presidential election. Now that we are fully immersed in this time of extraordinary transition, California nonprofits are paying attention to national politics with heightened interest, especially as to how Californians may be affected. 

Whether you’re a symphony orchestra worried about your musicians' ability to get visas to travel, an inner-city youth program concerned that federal parklands may close, or a health clinic wondering if your clients will continue to have insurance, you may find that you need to connect with organizations and campaigns in new areas of interest and concern to your organization, or go deeper and learn more about the policies that directly impact your work.

To best support the organizations and communities we represent going forward, CalNonprofits will be providing tools and information you'll need.

Be active and informed advocates

• We’ve set up a list of useful resources here to help you follow what's happening on policies that are important to your organization and your constituents. These national organizations are tracking issues and providing updates on federal matters. We’ll be updating this list periodically, so let us know about your go-to sources for reliable information.

• Let your government representatives know how their policies affect your organization. Share stories of the impact on your clients and staff.  Here’s how to find out who your elected officials are.

• To follow state legislation of particular interest to California nonprofits, use our Bill Tracker here.

Let us know what you think -- and what you need

This year CalNonprofits will be tracking “Government in Transition; Nonprofits in Transition,” starting with an online survey. Our survey will ask what nonprofits are concerned about in this changing policy environment, what impacts they anticipate and how they plan to respond. Be on the lookout for this – your input will inform our role as the voice of California’s nonprofit community and is key to our collective success in this upcoming period of change.

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