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AB 1250, a serious threat to nonprofit-government contracting, was not passed by the California Legislature this year. Instead, they put it on hold, to be considered again next year.

Together with our nonprofit colleagues across California, we persuaded the Senate to pause on AB 1250 given the importance of protecting the ability of California's nonprofits to partner with local government to provide critical services. Our hope for the future is that nonprofits, counties and labor find a pathway for working together to ensure our shared objectives are met without leaving anyone behind.

We have heard from legislators that the many calls, emails and visits that they received from nonprofits in their districts impressed them. More than 300 nonprofits joined our coalition, including our partners California Association of Food Banks, California Health+ Advocates (community health centers), California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, California Workforce Association, United Ways of California, Legal Aid Association of California, and LGBT centers across the state. Collectively we did good, strong work on this bill.

This is an important step, but we’re not done. We’re debriefing and already preparing our strategy for next year’s legislative session. But for now, be proud that our efforts have made a difference for nonprofits – and the people and communities we serve – throughout the state.

And for information on all of the bills CalNonprofits has been following, check out our Legislation Tracker, and be on the lookout for our wrap-up of this year’s legislative session and the outlook for nonprofits.

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