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Debt LogoThe newly formed California State Assembly Select Committee on the Nonprofit Sector will be holding a public hearing on Tuesday, December 5, in Los Angeles. Led by Assemblymember Monique Limón (Santa Barbara), the Committee will investigate how student debt affects the nonprofit workforce, and what nonprofits are doing to address the debt crisis for all Californians.

The formation of the Assembly Select Committee is a milestone in the growing recognition by the Legislature that the nonprofit community is an important economic player as well as a cornerstone of California values and quality of life. CalNonprofits has been honored to work closely with the Committee’s leadership in its formation and ongoing work. In California, 54% of all college graduates have outstanding college debt, including approximately 160,000 Californians employed by nonprofit organizations. Student debt is of keen interest to the nonprofit community:

  • Student debt makes it harder for nonprofits to recruit and retain qualified staff, particularly those who are first-generation graduates, people of color, immigrants, and people from low wealth families
  • Many employees and leaders of nonprofits are unfamiliar with the Public Loan Service Forgiveness Program which can benefit employees of all 501(c)(3) nonprofits
  • Nonprofits are important in raising scholarship funds to make college affordable for those our society most needs to support

The Assembly Select Committee has closely followed the many bills in the California legislature addressing student concerns, and is interested in learning more about philanthropic-nonprofit-government-business partnerships that address college affordability in general, and the nonprofit workforce in specific. Join us for the hearing: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 from 10 am to 12pm  Center for Healthy Communities: 1000 N Alameda, Los Angeles (free parking behind the building). Space is limited, but the public is invited to attend. CalNonprofits CEO Jan Masaoka and Board Chair Geoff Green are among the scheduled speakers.

Learn more about the Nonprofit Student Debt Project!

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