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In these stormy times, a remarkable 42% of California nonprofits report that they are increasing their public policy advocacy. While nonprofits with 501(c)(3) status can and do engage in advocacy, some nonprofits have expanded their efforts by starting a 501(c)(4).

We at CalNonprofits want to support that advocacy, and are working with our social enterprise -- CalNonprofits Insurance Services -- to make sure that nonprofits have access to the insurance they need.

In particular, we've heard from many members that their 501(c)(4) advocacy arms are finding it difficult to get insurance. Insurers are often unfamiliar with (c)(4)s, and are reluctant to insure them. Unexpectedly, even some of the underwriters that nonprofits most rely on for insurance don't insure 501(c)4s.

We know that nonprofits need insurance for all the vehicles they use to fulfill their missions, including (c)(4)s.

We're proud to share how PIVOT -- the Progressive Vietnamese American Organization, recently got covered:

“When we founded PIVOT, we knew we needed insurance. I’d worked with CalNonprofits Insurance before, so I reached out to them again. They were efficient and speedy — and helped us to select the right coverage so that we can stay focused on our advocacy work.” --Diep Vuong, PIVOT Treasurer

CalNonprofits Insurance has expertise and experience in insuring (c)(4)s and other less-known types of nonprofits such as (c)(6), (c)(17) and (c)(19)s. They can help you get D&O, General Liability, Workers’ Comp, Cyber-Liability insurance, and a full array of employee benefits plans including health, dental, and vision. And as our social enterprise, their priorities are placed squarely on helping nonprofits.

Interested in learning more? Please call (888) 427-5222 or simply start the consultation process on the CalNonprofits Insurance website. If you’d like to speak to someone directly, Diana Andrews and Marvin Colburt are especially knowledgeable about working with c4s.

Advocacy is one of the most important things we can be doing on behalf of our communities. Be sure you’ve got the right insurance to do it.

(CalNonprofits Insurance corporate license number is 0827761)

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