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Image by Annie GalvinTop 5 Reasons we love our members:

1. Adaptability! We are inspired by your ability to respond quickly to changing needs in your community, whether it’s responding to natural disasters or helping families understand new policies coming out of Washington DC. You step up, and step outside your lane to meet the immediate needs in your communities. 

(photo credit: Annie Galvin, 3 Fish Studios)

2. Political clout! Nonprofits don't "just" serve communities, we advocate for them too. Our alliance is 10,000 strong and last year we supported the creation of the new Assembly Select Committee on Nonprofits to further elevate our issues and voices.

3. Celebrating nonprofit impact! We love hearing about your work and the impact you have in your communities. By raising the profile of our sector together, we can do things like crush the overhead myth, or make sure we Vote with Our Missions.

4. Powering California's economy! Nonprofits employ nearly 1 million people (6% of our state's workforce). You are an economic force to be reckoned with.

5. Freedom to be who you need us to be! Membership accounts for almost one third of our budget - giving us the freedom to pivot quickly, and take stances and develop initiatives focused on supporting your staff, your impact, and the larger nonprofit community in California.

Top 5 Reasons Members Love CalNonprofits

1. Getting involved with advocacy! Members add their voices to our advocacy work in Sacramento, with philanthropy, and the public.

2. Insurance! CalNonprofits Insurance — our social enterprise — provides health insurance to 26,000 nonprofit staff, workers comp, a great exclusive dental plan, and keeps insurance dollars in the nonprofit sector.

3. Free webinars! All CalNonprofits webinars are free for members - check out our upcoming webinars: Starting a Nonprofit in California (2/22) and How Nonprofit Staff Can Get Student Debt Forgiveness (3/7). 

4. Discounts on everyday expenses! Using our Office Depot and Purchasing Point discounts, members save 30-50% on office supplies, shipping, credit card processing fees, and more. Login to get the complete guide.

5. Compliance info at your fingertips! Members get a free subscription to ThinkHR, including Think HR Live (live experts available to answer HR questions), ThinkHR Comply, a resource center with forms, tools, and compliance checklists, and ThinkHR Learn Pro’s library of training and compliance courses (including some just for nonprofits) Contact Christina Dragonetti for your username and password.

Are you new to CalNonprofits or just want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all your benefits?  Schedule a quick phone call with Christina Dragonetti, our Membership and Marketing Manager, who is well-versed in all of our benefits and can help you make sure you’re getting the the most value for your membership dues. She can be reached at: christinad AT Not yet a full, dues-paying, Member? Click here to find out more and join today!

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