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New Issue of the Buzz now available online

Dear Members and Friends:
My favorite recent headline explained: “California's sea stars have mutated in small but crucial ways so that they are not going extinct after all but instead are thriving.”

As I explain in our new issue of our Buzz journal, I'm inspired.

Even small changes can help us adapt to a changing political, economic, and foundation climate. (At least I think that's the lesson!)

In this new issue of the Buzz, read how our state’s nonprofit sector is adapting during these changing times, including:
• Advocating to make state grant opportunities more accessible to California nonprofits via a state bill, AB 2252, which is moving forward with your support;
• Fighting against a problematic new “parking tax” on nonprofits;
• Joining together at California Nonprofit Day as our state legislators recognized the good work of individual nonprofits in their districts; and
• Ensuring nonprofit employees with student debt know about the PSLF program, including one of the first PSLF success stories: $170,000 in student debt forgiven!

We’ve also got updates on things like GrantAdvisor (it just turned one!), how much money CalNonprofits members are saving every year, and a great story about a nonprofit employee saving $2,500 on hearing aids through the Nonprofit Benefits Trust.

Click here to read the Summer 2018 issue of the Buzz Newsletter

Will you be joining us at the CalNonprofits Policy Convention in October?

You don’t want to miss out on hearing from Vu Le and Tamika Butler, and going in-depth on issues facing our sector and our communities right now. Haven’t bought your convention ticket yet? Click here to read about the convention in our newsletter!

Thank you for your support, including our advertisers: Jitasa, INP Partners, and Pink Hat Technology Management. Take a look and see how they could help your organization!

As always, we appreciate hearing your feedback.


Jan Masaoka, CEO

P.S. Members get a beautiful full color print edition of the Buzz in their mailbox. Consider joining CalNonprofits so you can get one too (and lots of other great perks!)

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