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As the joke goes, dates on the calendar are closer than they appear. We’re talking about the November election now because we know that nonprofit voter engagement works— and it's much easier to do if you spend a little time planning for it.

With nearly one million people working at nonprofits in California, we can be a powerful force for change— if we show up and vote. That’s why we’re sharing two new Vote With Your Mission resources to get the word out to your nonprofit colleagues, volunteers, and board members.

The good news: some of the most effective voter-related activities are the ones that are incorporated into your organization’s existing programs.

Two tools to kickstart thinking about voter engagement at your nonprofit:

1. Join our webinar on National Voter Registration Day, Thursday, September 25th
In this fast-moving presentation, Jan Masaoka and Nancy Berlin will walk you through why and how to do voter engagement work at your nonprofit. They'll cover the legalities and share a quick update on recent changes to voting law in California. Join us on Tuesday, September 25, at 11AM. Click here to register for this free webinar

2. Get our new resources: "12 Quick Tips for Helping People Vote"
Is voter engagement a new thing for your nonprofit, or do you just need to brush off some cobwebs? Our Vote with Your Mission resources are a great place to start, including our new guide: 12 Quick Tips for Helping People Vote.

Also free on our website:

I work (or volunteer) at a Nonprofit and I vote” stickers: Want to print your own? Download our sheet of stickers and print them out on the Avery 22830 template. (note: clicking on the link will open a Word document- check the bottom left corner of your screen)

Guide to 5 new voting improvements in California: Our brief guide walks you through some of the ways California is making voting more accessible and easier to do, and what that means for voter engagement.

Legal FAQs Guide: YES, nonprofits are allowed to conduct nonpartisan get-out-the-vote activities and to register voters- without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status. Use this guide and put to rest any concerns you may have. Have a question that’s not answered? Get in touch with us and we’ll find the answer.

Nonprofit votes matter poster: Click here to download and print out this 8 ½ by 11 poster and hang it up at your office- in the break room, by the front door, or in your waiting area. It’s a great reminder about the importance of voting.

How Napa nonprofits are engaging their communities in voting: Need some inspiration? Read about this coalition in Napa and how they engaged with their county registrar, other nonprofits, and their community as Napa County piloted the new Voter Choice Act this year.

Need more information? We’ve got voter registration resources, research on nonprofit voter engagement, and more on our Vote With Your Mission campaign site. And, we love to hear your feedback and to hear how nonprofit staff are engaging their colleagues, volunteers, board members, and communities to vote. Send us an email and share your story.

What is Vote With Your Mission?

The goals of CalNonprofits’ Vote with Your Mission campaign are simple: for nonprofits to mobilize their staff, volunteers and constituents as voters and for policymakers to appreciate the nonprofit community as a powerful voting force.

Don't forget: if everyone who worked or volunteered at a California nonprofit voted -- based on the same values that brought them to nonprofits -- wouldn't we have better policies, funding, and a brighter future?

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