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Editor's note: We just received word that Governor Brown signed AB 2252 today (Sept 10, 2018).  A big thank you to the many nonprofits who helped make this happen!

Thanks to the strong advocacy by nonprofits from across California, Assembly Bill 2252 (Limón) was approved by the California legislature with bipartisan support. The bill is now sitting on Governor Brown’s desk, waiting for his signature.

Can you continue your advocacy and help make AB 2252 into law by calling Governor Brown today to let him know that your nonprofit supports AB 2252 and asking him to sign it?

CalNonprofits is the proud sponsor of AB 2252, which would create an online portal centralizing all state funding opportunities and also enable nonprofits to apply for those grants online. Such a state grants portal will make it far less complicated for nonprofits to identify state grants for which they are eligible.

Call Governor Brown: (916) 445-2841
Note: Calling is best, but you can also send an email through his website.

Click here to read more background about AB 2252.

CalNonprofits is urging Governor Brown to take action on several other bills. While AB 2252 is the priority, we’re including a short update on these bills that many of you also supported or opposed:

Bills we support that we want Governor Brown to sign:
  • AB 38 to better protect student loan borrowers.
  • AB 2218 to enable vote-by-mail voters to track their ballot through the system.
  • SB 822 to maintain net neutrality protections at the state level.
Bill we oppose and want Governor Brown to veto:
  • AB 888 would extend a problematic raffle carve-out for nonprofit affiliates of major league sports teams, enabling them to distribute 50% of their proceeds to a winner, whereas all other nonprofits give 10% to the winner and 90% to charitable causes.
For more background on any of these bills, visit our legislation tracker.

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