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Halloween is tomorrow, but you know what’s even scarier? Some people may not vote next week— unless they hear from a nonprofit they trust!

Here’s 5 ways your nonprofit can help make next week’s election a success:

1. Encourage people to vote

One easy way? Print out this poster and tape it up in your waiting area, office kitchen, or by the water cooler. If your organization has the capacity, offer to provide rides to polls for those who need them.

Another easy way to remind people to vote is to print out these “I work (or volunteer) at a nonprofit and I vote” stickers and share them with your colleagues to raise awareness.

Want more tips on voter education and turn-out? Download our 2 page handout: 12 Quick Tips to Help People Vote.

2. Share nonpartisan voting resources

In person, on your website, or via social media- here’s two we suggest:

Voter’s Edge: Find out about local and state candidates and ballot measures — and who is funding their campaigns. Plus, if you put in your address and zip code, it will show you a sample ballot to see what you’ll be voting on, and where your polling location is. 

CalMatters 2018 Voter Guide: Check out their "Gimme Props" interactive guide to ballot measures, and their one minute video explanations for each ballot measure.

3) Post your position on ballot measures 

If your nonprofit has a position- for or against- a ballot measure, make sure to get the word out about it. Speaking of...Here's our positions on two key ballot measures: CalNonprofits Says Yes on Prop 2, and No on Prop 5

4) Vote by mail? Don’t miss the deadline!

A little more than half of Californians now vote-by-mail. Your ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received by your county elections office no later than 3 days after Election Day. As an alternative, you can bring your vote-by-mail ballot to any polling place between 7:00AM and 8:00PM on Election Day. More info is available here.

5) Missed the voter registration deadline? You can still vote!

The Secretary of State’s office has more information about how to vote using Conditional Voter Registration.

When nonprofits use our voting power, we advance our missions, make our voices heard and change the world for the better!

A new study by Nonprofit VOTE looked at people under 30 who registered to vote or who signed a voter pledge card because a nonprofit asked them to. They found that nonprofits not only engaged a younger, more diverse electorate but that they also significantly increased the likelihood of those voters showing up on election day and voting.

Image credit: Thanks to the CalCon2018 convention attendees who posed in front of our Vote With Your Mission banner! More photos from the convention are available here.

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