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US CapitolLast week, on behalf of all nonprofits in California, CalNonprofits sent letters to all the newly elected California Congressional delegation reminding legislators about the importance of nonprofits in our communities.

"Our state’s nonprofits not only represent the dreams and aspirations of California's varied communities, they are robust with human capital, financial capacity and innovative potential. Causes Count, CalNonprofits’ report documenting the economic impact of California’s nonprofit organizations, notes that California nonprofits generate $260 billion in total economic activity every year and nearly one million people are employed by nonprofits in California, accounting for one in sixteen California workers."

We also pointed out that "federal laws can have big impacts on nonprofits, sometimes in unexpected and unintended ways."

California has 53 members of the House of Representatives -- more than any other state. As a result, California members of Congress are crucial to many national issues. Our letter to them highlighted four key issues:

You can read the full letter here.

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