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Both have to renew their registration with California every year!

If you own a car, you know that you have to register when you buy it, then file renewals every year through DMV. Similarly, new nonprofits have to register with the California Attorney General's office, then renew the registration every year.

The renewal form is called the RRF-1, and it's pretty straightforward.

Also like cars, the fees for renewal vary. The RRF-1 ranges from $25 to $300 depending on your organization's revenue, and organizations with less than $25,000 in revenue don't have to pay a fee (but they still have to file the form.) Some nonprofits are also required to submit their 990 along with the renewal.

And, even if your organization doesn't have any revenue or programs you still have to file the RRF-1.

How do I find out if we registered and are current on our renewals?

You can check on any organization's status by going to the Registry Verification Tool online. Once you find your organization, click on it to see a detailed report including the due date of your next RRF-1 renewal. If it says "current" then you're in compliance!

When is the RRF-1 due?

This is a little more complicated than your vehicle registration. The RRF-1 is due 4 months and 15 days after the end of your fiscal year. For example, if your fiscal year ends June 30th then your RRF-1 is due November 15. If your fiscal year ends December 31, then your RRF-1 is due on May 15 (today!)

If you get an extension from the IRS for filing your 990, then you also get an extension on filing your RRF-1. So if your fiscal year ends June 30 and you have an extension from the IRS then your RRF-1 is due May 15. You can find more information about that here

What happens if our organization is suspended or delinquent?

Don't panic!

If your organization is listed in the Registry as suspended or delinquent, it's probably because you didn't file your RRF-1, or one of a few other required forms with other state offices. To get back into compliance you need to file the forms that are missing and pay any late fees

If you can't find your organization using the Verification Tool then it's probably not registered. In that case, you need to complete an initial registration form called the CT-1, pay a $25 fee, and submit a few additional pieces of information. This can take up to 3 months to process.

If your organization is listed as revoked, then you need to contact the Delinquency department in the Attorney General's Charities office. You can find contact information for other departments here.

Are there other required filings?

Yes! Check out our Nonprofit Compliance Checklist for detailed information about federal and California forms your organization may be required to file, along with links to the forms and instructions.

For example, the California Secretary of State requires all nonprofits to file a Statement of Information Form SI-100 every 2 years (like your car's smog check!) even if your organization has little or no revenue, or if you are not operating.

Looking for more help? The Charities page on the Attorney General's website has lots of helpful information and links to additional resources.

Please note: Thanks to support from our Members, CalNonprofits is able to offer these resources as part of our Nonprofit Compliance Project, but we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. If you have questions about your organization's situation, please contact the Attorney General's Charities office or a lawyer who works with nonprofits. If you'd like to join the CalNonprofits community of Members, click here for more information.

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