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Later this year, CalNonprofits will release new findings for Causes Count: The Economic Impact of California’s Nonprofit Sector. We are so excited we just had to share this sneak peek at some of the data from the “foundations funding” section of the report. Download the sneak peek and share it with your friends and colleagues!

California is Now a Net Exporter of Foundation Funding

California is now a net exporter of foundation fundsCalifornia’s nonprofits are known for innovation, drawing attention to neglected areas, and being good at fundraising. So it’s not a surprise that California nonprofits raise $1.5 billion each year from out-of-state foundations and $3.2 billion from California foundations.

Surprisingly, California-based foundations send $2.2 billion in grants to nonprofits outside of California — to other states and countries around the world. This means California is a net exporter of foundation dollars, sending out over $700 million more than comes in from out-of-state foundations. Up until five years ago, California was a net importer of foundation dollars. 

Top 25 out-of-state foundations that fund California nonprofits

The single biggest out-of-state funder by far is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation based in Washington state, which gives $306 million each year to California nonprofits. Interestingly, other than the donor-advised funds at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, this is more than any single California foundation awards in California.Top 25 Foundations Funding in California

Following up on the data we reported in 2014 in the original Causes Count: The Economic Impact of California's Nonprofit Sector, the report of the new findings will include new research on nonprofit business models and funding sources, plus updated information about employment, disparities within the nonprofit sector, and more. In the coming weeks, we’ll also give you a sneak peek at the “employment” section and the “disparities within the nonprofit sector” section. Make sure you subscribe to our email list to get future sneak peeks and, of course, the full report!

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