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Which of these statements about California nonprofits is true?
A) Nonprofits employ more people than in the construction industry.
B) Nonprofits bring more than $40 billion into our state each year from government, out-of-state foundations, and individual donors around the world.
C) Volunteers contribute the equivalent of about 331,000 full-time jobs to their communities.
D) California relies on nonprofits to deliver approximately 32% of Medi-Cal services to communities. 

Causes Count - New Findings coverTo find out the answer we invite you to join us for the webinar reveal of Causes Count: the Economic Impact of California's Nonprofit Sector - New Findings! Learn about new research into the scope and impact of government-nonprofit partnerships, what's changed since we released the first Causes Count in 2014, and how the new data can be used to advocate for ourselves and our communities.

Causes Count - New Findings Revealed! (Webinar)
Tuesday January 14th at 12pm 
RSVP now - it's free! 

What's new in Causes Count - New Findings?

New research for this report includes a deep-dive into the relationship between government and nonprofits — the first time an analysis like this has ever been done in California. We also used the baseline data from the first-ever economic impact report, called Causes Count, released in 2014 to find new insights into California's nonprofit sector, including:

  • disparities within our sector are growing
  • California is now a net-exporter of foundation dollars
  • nonprofit sector's annual revenue grew faster than did California's GDP as a whole

Join us on January 14th to learn more! Hard copies of the report are available for purchase here or you can download the report as a PDF here.

We are proud to have partnered with The Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego on this research, and we are grateful to the many advisors and our funders and members who made this report possible.

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