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Legal Do's and Don'ts LogoWe are pleased to partner with Public Counsel on a series of four webinars to help you decide how to move forward on key legal issues nonprofits are facing. Learn more about this webinar series here.

Is your organization a commercial property tenant? Are you concerned about your lease during the pandemic and economic crisis? Please join us next week for a rich discussion with an expert attorney, David Campbell Smith, who will cover what you can and should be doing to manage your lease, negotiate with your landlord as needed, and protect your organization. You will learn:

  • How state and local laws and ordinances can help you
  • How to access and advocate for local protections
  • How to manage lease termination if you want to stay put
  • How to document financial challenges limiting your ability to pay rent
  • How to respond to landlord communications

Presented on July 29th, 2020
Recording is FREE for Members / $39 for not-yet-members
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Quick tip from our expert that you can implement now:
Switch your automatic rent payment to manual payment so you have the flexibility each month to adjust payments based on changing circumstances.

Speaker: David Campbell Smith, Campbell Smith Law
David is a seasoned civil litigation attorney with strong ties to the nonprofit community. In the housing rights arena, David has successfully represented homeowners in predatory mortgage and servicing litigation and tenants in habitability and other types of litigation. He also volunteers his time and expertise at “know your tenant rights” clinics and provides pro bono legal representation to affordable housing owners and developers in the Los Angeles area. Learn more at

Additional webinars in this series:

Election Engagement the Right Way: August 27 at 11 AM (Register here)
Learn what nonprofits can and can’t do to help register new voters, provide public education about elections, engage candidates, and still stay safely within the limits allowed for tax-exempt organizations.

Tips for Downscaling Your Organization: Date/Time TBD (mid-fall)
Learn about reallocating resources, laying off staff, providing severance, merging with another organization, and other tips for downscaling a nonprofit organization.

Implementing Assembly Bill 5: Date/Time TBD (winter)
Learn when the law requires a nonprofit to convert independent contractors to employees, when it doesn’t, and how to do it when it does.

Registration fees:
All webinars are free for members! (Learn more about membership here.)
$39 each or all 4 for $125 (Not-yet-members)
Register here for any or all of the webinars

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