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“Vote with Your Mission” is a value, a mantra, and an ongoing campaign of CalNonprofits. Because we know that when nonprofit staff, volunteers and constituents vote, a nonprofit's mission gets support. An example? If everyone who works, volunteers or appreciates clean water voted, we'd have tougher water quality laws.

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As part of our own Vote with Your Mission efforts, here are two propositions the CalNonprofits Board of Directors encourages you to support:

Proposition 1 – Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment: YES. From demanding research on women's health to making breast cancer a women's cause and fighting for safe access to abortions, women's health activists have revolutionized healthcare for women and set a foundation for AIDS and disabilities health activism, and more. Women make up 2/3 of the nonprofit workforce. And reproductive rights – including access to abortion – are so deeply fundamental to a just society for all that CalNonprofits urges everyone to vote yes on Proposition 1.

Proposition 28 – Art and Music K-12 Education Funding: YES. This unopposed measure requires a minimum of one percent of Prop 98 funds to be spent on art and music, with 80 percent to be spent on teachers. With only one in five California public schools having a dedicated arts/music teacher, we support the importance of arts and music for students. Many California schools currently make effective use of nonprofit arts providers in classrooms, at assemblies, on field trips, and during after-school programs, and we hope Prop 28 funds will also be used to bolster these activities. Which ballot propositions – if passed –- would advance your mission? Which would hinder your work? Let your volunteers, staff and constituents know how their votes will help your cause and your work!

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