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Causes Count 2019: The Economic Power of California's Nonprofits

We could not be more excited to publish this new report on California's large and economically powerful nonprofit sector, which continues to be an important driver for both jobs and community well-being. Like the ground-breaking Causes Count report in 2014, this New Findings report summarizes the noteworthy size, variety, diversity, and overall magnitude of California's nonprofit sector. But it goes further to provide insight on the government-nonprofit partnership, explores the impact of Donor Advised Funds on the nonprofit landscape, and discusses the widening disparities within the nonprofit sector. 

"I appreciate so much how these reports and the regular updates help all of us in nonprofits be able to talk about all many ways we contribute to our communities above and beyond the vital work of fulfilling our missions. "


"The CalNonprofits causes count report is so illuminating! Did you know CA's nonprofit sector represents 15% of our GDP and produces more jobs than construction? #CaliforniaForAll"


"Every nonprofit board member, foundation leader, business executive, and government official in California should treat Causes Counts as a ‘must-read,’ because it illuminates in stunning fashion – through deep analysis of extensive research, innovative context setting, and rich visual presentation – how much everyone depends on California’s nonprofit sector."

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Technical Appendix: Dig into the sources and methodology we used to research and write Causes Count - New Findings.
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