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CalNonprofits, as an advocacy coalition of more than 10,000 members, takes positions on issues and legislation all the time, and on propositions when they appear on the statewide ballot. We don't make recommendations on everything – just the issues that impact nonprofits.

Our positions on the 2020 Statewide Ballot Propositions:

YES on Proposition 15, also known as Schools and Communities First, will close a corporate property tax loophole and bring an estimated $12 billion a year to California’s schools and communities.
Why? This measure will bring much-needed funds to our schools and communities at a time when we are facing significant state budget cuts and when Californians need strong services and support more than ever.  It only impacts about 3% of the oldest and largest businesses in California, while protecting residents and small businesses – including home-based businesses — from increased taxes.

YES on Proposition 16 will repeal a 1996 constitutional amendment (Prop 209) that essentially banned affirmative action programs in public institutions in California. If Prop 16 passes, government and public institutions can again consider race, ethnicity, and gender in decisions about employment, contracts, and admissions, for example.
Why? We recognize that affirmative action programs help address deep disparities that harm our communities. For example, more than half of our public school students are Latino, but only 25 percent of University of California undergraduate students are Latino. Proposition 16  will increase equity and support equal opportunity for all Californians, which is consistent with the values we as nonprofits bring to our work.

YES on Proposition 17 will amend the state constitution to allow people on parole for felony convictions to vote. Right now more than 50,000
Californians who are back in their communities working, paying taxes, raising families, and contributing to society, but are still on parole, cannot vote.
Why? We support a strong, inclusive democracy. Prop 17, if passed, will allow a large group of Californians, who are currently excluded, to participate fully in our democracy.

We hope you will take a close look at these three propositions that align so closely with nonprofit values and will consider supporting them!

We encourage nonprofits from across the sector – arts, environment, food banks, domestic violence shelters, nonprofit preschools, animal shelters, and more – to express your values by taking positions on legislation and propositions. (501c3's can't oppose or support a candidate running for office, but are encouraged to talk about issues and take positions.)

Learn more about our Vote with Your Mission project at www.votewithyourmission.org.




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