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CalNonprofits hosts webinars throughout the year with presentations from nonprofit experts, including our own staff, on issues that matter to nonprofits. Recordings of the webinars are available below and are free for CalNonprofits members, and most are $10 to $15 for not-yet-members.

CalNonprofits Webinar Recordings


CalSavers retirement plan is coming! Here is what you NEED to know
Starting next July, the state of California is launching CalSavers, a new retirement program that will enable employers (including nonprofits!) to provide their employees with a payroll deduction Individual Retirement Account (IRA) at no cost to the employer or taxpayer. CalSavers was created by legislation in 2016 (that CalNonprofits supported), to create a retirement plan for the 7.5 million employees in California whose employers do not offer a retirement program. Watch this webinar with Katie Selenski, the executive director of CalSavers and learn about this innovative new program. Watch it here.

Getting Your Full Costs Funded 2-part webinar series from our Nonprofit Overhead Project
Free for Members / $65 for Not-Yet-Members (Click here to get both recordings.)
Webinar #1: Use Cost Allocation to Recover Your Full Costs
This webinar examines various cost allocation methods and helps you choose the right method(s) for your government and foundation grants. 
Webinar #2: Whether and How to Use a Federal or Other Indirect Cost Rate to Recover Your Full Costs
This webinar focuses on whether and how to apply for a federal Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate (NICR) and how to make it work for you. 


How California Nonprofits can Vote with their Missions
With nearly 1 million nonprofit employees in California, we can be a powerful voting bloc- if we show up and vote! Watch this fast-paced webinar to understand how nonprofits can engage their colleagues, volunteers, board, and community to "Vote with Their Mission." Jan Masaoka and Nancy Berlin explain how nonprofits can implement voting strategies into their existing programs to help get people registered, educated, and to the polls on election day (November 6, 2018). Watch it here.


Starting a Nonprofit in California
Thinking about starting a nonprofit in California? This fast-paced, engaging webinar is jam-packed with the information you’ll need. Presenter: Jan Masaoka, CEO of CalNonprofits. Watch it here.


Hot Topics to Keep Your Nonprofit Out of Hot Water
Wondering if your nonprofit is meeting all of your state and federal compliance and reporting requirements? This webinar walks you through what requirements apply to you, how to file them, and how often to file. Presenter: Erin Bradrick, Senior Counsel at NEO Law Group, and Jan Masaoka, CEO of CalNonprofits. Watch it here.


How Nonprofit Staff Can Get Student Loan Forgiveness
This webinar is intended for nonprofit employees who also have student debt. It gives a detailed overview of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) -- a federal program that forgives student loan debt for nonprofit employees after 120 qualifying payments (10 years' worth). Presenter: Christina Dragonetti, Program Manager, Nonprofit Student Debt Project. Watch it here


Introduction to ThinkHR
ThinkHR is one of the many member benefits CalNonprofits members have access to. In this video, learn from a ThinkHR expert about ThinkHR Live, ThinkHR Learn Pro, and ThinkHR Comply. Presenter: Justin Eubling with ThinkHR. Watch it here.


Insurance 101 Webinar Recording 
Have you felt like you need to learn a new language just to get a fair price on your insurance? Wondering if you really need the insurance you have, or if there's something missing that might jeopardize your organization's future? You will learn about general liability, directors & officers, property, and event insurance. Plus Employee Health, dental, and vision benefits, and workers’ compensation. This webinar explains the basics of each type of insurance coverage and provides tips to help you make informed decisions so you can save money! Presenter: Colleen Lazanich, CEO at CalNonprofits Insurance. Watch it here.


Insurance 201 Webinar Recording 
During this one-hour webinar, Colleen Lazanich, CEO of CalNonprofits Insurance Services will walk you through the key things you need to know about nonprofit insurance, like risk management, coverage terms, practical insights on what to look for and how to read a policy, and guidance on why certain types of insurance (nonstandard forms) can be difficult to compare. Watch it here.


California Policy Forum Webinars

Be sure to check out our PolicyForum recorded webinars. The California PolicyForum is a partnership between CalNonprofits and Philanthropy California, providing a platform to bring together the voice of nonprofits and philanthropy in our state, while also amplifying the sector's significance and priorities to policymakers and experts. All webinars and recordings are free.

Our three most recent PolicyForum webinars included:

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