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Latest News for Nonprofits

Update 4/20/16 - Unfortunately, AB 2855 passed out of the Assembly Privacy & Consumer Protection Committee yesterday with the six votes it needed. It initially failed, but passed in a reconsideration (re-vote). The members who voted in favor of this detrimental bill need to hear from those of you who are in their districts to let them know how disappointed you are that they supported the bill. Please email and call them today. You can find the contact information for the Committee members here. Please remember to be polite. You can say something as simple as:

“We at [your org here] are disappointed that you supported AB 2855 and urge you to oppose the bill going forward. Please contact us for more information on how detrimental this bill is to nonprofits in your district.”

Here is the vote breakdown:
Yes (6): Calderon, Chau, Cooper, Dababneh, Gatto, Low
No (2): Baker, Chang
Not Voting (3): Gordon, Olsen, Wilk

AB 2855 will next be heard in Appropriations Committee. It is important that all Assemblymembers hear how this bill will harm nonprofits. Check here to find out how to contact your Assemblymember.

As you know, AB 2855 would require nonprofits to place unnecessary and burdensome notices on every document that included a fundraising message - not just California nonprofits but any nonprofit that raises funds in California - which is pretty much every nonprofit in the world. While we share the goals of transparence for nonprofits and prosecuting the few - but high profile - bad actors, this bill will do nothing toward achieving those goals.

And if you haven’t already, join 250 of your colleagues by signing on in opposition to AB 2855 here

There will be many more opportunities for us to stop AB 2855, and with your help, we will!

The advocacy work of CalNonprofits and our members has paid off. The California minimum wage hike was approved by the state legislature March 31st, and is set to be signed into law by Governor Brown on April 4th. It will raise pay for millions of workers and be phased in over six years, starting at $10.50 an hour in 2017 and building to $15 in 2022.

In early 2015, CalNonprofits announced its support for increases to the minimum wage and released results of a survey showing strong support among nonprofits statewide.

Today, CalNonprofits CEO Jan Masaoka said, "When big business opposes minimum wage increases, they typically do so while expressing concerns for nonprofits being unable to afford the increases. We are unwilling to let ourselves be the 'straw men' for the for-profit mega-industries such as fast food, big box stores and agribusiness. I am so proud that our members are accepting the difficulties of higher expenses in order to support the low income people and familes whose hardships we see every day."

Please see the 4/1/16 article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy here, where our Policy Director Nancy Berlin describes key steps in how CalNonprofits advocated for nonprofits during the $15 minimum-wage negotiations.

Please help us by taking this short survey. Everyone has heard about the student debt crisis -- more than 42 million people owe a total of $1.3 trillion in student debt. In California, the average debt for an individual graduating from a four-year institution is $21,382. Student debt is a personal issue for nonprofit employees, and a public policy issue for the nonprofit community and its workforce. 

StudentdebtballandchaingraphicThat's why we're asking for your help by taking this brief survey. You can take the survey if you are a nonprofit employee with student debt OR the Executive Director or HR Manager of a nonprofit organization. And please pass it on to others using this link:

It's estimated that more than 100,000 California nonprofit staff have student loans. For many nonprofit staff, loan payments can take up a large portion of their salaries. The debt burden can seem insurmountable, leading some to abandon nonprofit work. Many nonprofit employers are unaware of their employees' debt or how they can help, and that has a direct impact on employee recruitment and retention. CalNonprofits' Nonprofit Student Loan Project aims to educate and mobilize the nonprofit community to tackle this issue. This survey is our first step in determining how student debt is affecting the nonprofit community -- and what we can do about it. Your responses will inform our project, helping us set priorities and determine activities going forward.

Please take the survey today, and pass it on to anyone you know in the nonprofit community who is affected by student debt -- individuals who work for nonprofits, and nonprofits who employ people burdened by student debt. The link to the survey is here: Or you can download the survey here, fill it out and send it back to CalNonprofits' Program Director Diana Dunker.

The survey will be open through April, and we'll announce the results in early May. Stay tuned...and thank you!

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