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...a statewide alliance of over 10,000 organizations, representing and promoting California’s growing nonprofit sector. We work to bring the full power of nonprofits to strengthening communities.
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…focuses on raising your voice to policy makers, philanthropy and the public, and strengthening your ability to advocate on behalf of your community.

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Why is it so important that the nonprofit community make ourselves heard November 8th? Because nonprofit votes count. They count in numbers, and they count in the nature of their outcome. When nonprofits use our substantial voting power, we not only advance our own missions – we change the world for the better.

That works in a very real way. Consider: if everyone who worked or volunteered in human services voted, we’d have better human services funding. If everyone who worked or volunteered on environmental issues voted, we’d have a better environment. If everyone who worked or volunteered in education voted, we’d have better schools. When the social sector votes, the social well-being of our state and our country rises – and everyone benefits, especially the most vulnerable. When policymakers start to recognize the nonprofit community as the powerful voting force we are, they take notice and work harder to address our concerns – and that benefits everyone too.

Just imagine if everyone touched by the work of nonprofits made their voices heard and voted with their values. That voting power turns into better schools, affordable health care, a cleaner environment, and a better country, where people believe their voices matter. That means a better world for all of us here now, and for those who will follow. That’s what counts the most.

For more resources, materials and information, go to our Vote With Your Mission page. And make sure you, your staff, board, volunteers and the people you serve REGISTER -- the deadline is October 24th -- and VOTE.
The California Association of Nonprofits often chooses to take positions on state propositions that affect California’s nonprofit sector as a whole, or affect significant portions of the sector. Our Board of Directors has taken stands on three upcoming propositions on the ballot this November. Here's where we stand on Propositions 54, 55  and 59 -- and why.

Proposition 54 -- Legislature Transparency Act 

What is it? Proposition 54 will require all legislation to be in print and publicly posted online in its final form at least 72 hours before it may pass out of either house of the State Legislature, require all open legislative meetings to be audiovisually recorded and posted online within 24 hours, and grant all individuals the right to record and share videos of public legislative proceedings.

Analysis: CalNonprofits puts a priority on policies and legislation that promote good governance and fairness. Most people cannot travel to Sacramento to attend legislative hearings, and keeping up with last-minute changes in legislation can be arduous and frustrating. CalNonprofits’ report "Causes Count" documents that most nonprofits engage in advocacy, including providing education on policy issues, taking positions on legislation and working in coalitions to work to change laws.

Support: CalNonprofits supports Proposition 54 because it would make it easier for nonprofits to get the information they need to assess legislation and inform their communities about issues that affect them.

Proposition 54 is supported by diverse organizations including California Common Cause, League of Women Voters of California and the California Chamber of Commerce.
At the end of California’s legislative session, CalNonprofits racked up an impressive list of wins. Our legislative agenda this year reflected the range of values that nonprofits embrace, as we worked on bills to build the sustainability of our nonprofit ecosystem and support the communities we serve. 

We championed SB 3, AB 2251, and SB 1234 -- bills that strengthen our workforce, by providing more just wages, helping young people struggling with student debt and workers facing the economic uncertainties of retirement.

We advocated for broader opportunities for civic engagement by expanding voting access and making it easier to vote, with AB 2466 and SB 450. 

We fought for AB 1348, a bill to help nonprofits learn about and compete for federal funding opportunities, and we fought against AB 2855 -- the “warning label” bill that would have mandated excessive and unnecessary reporting requirements for nonprofits. 

And we launched the first California Nonprofits Day to celebrate the importance of nonprofit organizations to the economy and well-being of California, marked by the passage of ACR 192. 

As you know, it was not CalNonprofits alone that secured these wins. They could not have happened without the hundreds of nonprofits that signed official policy letters, educated their constituents and communicated with their elected officials.

Find out the details on all of these bills on our daily Legislation Tracker here.
How powerful is California’s nonprofit sector today? CalNonprofits commissioned this first-ever report to find out!
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